Things to do on Macleay Island

An old sign nailed to a tree at the Macleay Island Wharf used to read, “Welcome to Macleay Island, now set your clocks back 25 years”. The sign is no longer there, but the truth of its message remains, for on Macleay ‘this is the way things were’. Visitors will experience open friendliness, little pretentiousness, majority of roads unsealed, myriad native birdlife, beautiful homes and boats around our coastline and a ‘country feel’ about the interior. 

Exploring the island by bicycle is ideal for day trippers (you can board the barge or ferry with your bikes at no extra cost). Alternatively, bring your car over and drive around the perimeter of the island, stopping at The Blue Parrot, Peter's Fabulous Fish and Chip Shop,  The M.I. Bowls Club, or M.I. Golf Clubs for coffees and meals. On weekends view the Art Gallery and the works of the many sculptors, painters, glass artists and potters who live on the islands.

Other pastimes may be walking the Heritage trail and beaches or just finding a peaceful spot to observe the bird life, or to picnic, fish, or swim.

All around the coastline the scenery is spectacular with views across Moreton Bay to North Stradbroke, Peel and Coochie Mudlo Islands, or, from the Western shores, views to the Mainland. Then of course each evening brings the myriad colours of sunsets.

So, leave the mainland behind, explore our lovely unspoiled Southern Moreton Bay islands and discover “the way things were".

Tingira Boat Club

MI Arts Complex
MI Golf Club

Bay Island Golf Club

Just enjoy the Fishing